What to do in England

UK CitiesIf we have at least a week, we can see much more than the museums of London and the charms of the islands, also, we plan a tour without attempting to cover everything and the spirit of what we can not see now we will in our next trip.

    Take three days to explore London, Oxford and then we visit such prestigious universities know their students receiving worldwide. To the north, 8 miles from Oxford is the magnificent Blenheim Palace is worth a visit and then we spend two days in Cardiff home to a castle that is also a must. Let's go to Manchester and visit its magnificent museums. We can change Oxford Liverpool if ours is the nostalgia and want to know the birthplace of the famous Beatles.

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    For two week holiday we can organize spending four days in London and not have a minute to get bored, so if we headed south London can connect with the cosmos meditating in Stonehenge. Traveling through the beautiful English countryside and pass the end of our trip to Liverpool.
If we think of castles and fortresses, Wales and Scotland most spectacular buildings in England but London's palaces are splendid, we see wandering around centuries of history, not always like a fairy tale ...

Sometimes a horror story!

But what a thrill to see the River Thames and Tower Bridge! or the majestic Westminster Palace and Big Ben no less majestic. However, many visitors prefer to bustling London, with its art galleries, museums, theaters and historic buildings other destinations and go directly to the Roman ruins of Bath, Straford Shakespearean theater-upon-Avon, to the medieval city of York ...

In London as in many European cities live, inch by inch, the oldest of human history with the most extravagant modernity (remember that this corner of the world gave us the skirt "mini" and the pure rock and roll) and Greener gardens and sumptuous. But England is much more than London, you can visit its most emblematic places either its historical or natural beauty:

  •     Oxford and its many monuments
  •     Canterbury and its famous cathedral
  •     Bath and its hot springs so prized by the Romans.
  •     Iron Bridge Gorge and Iron Bridge, symbol of the Industrial Revolution set in a beautiful landscape.
  •     Blenheim Palace and
  •     Durham Cathedral, example of Norman architecture and its castle.
  •     Hadrian's Wall, a remnant of the Roman occupation, built in 122, was the border of Rome and the Barbarians.
  •     Canterbury with its renowned cathedral and abbey church of Saint Martin, the oldest in England.
  •     Saltaire, a model impeccable Victorian town houses for textile workers.
  •     Dorset and archaeological sites
  •     Devon, spectacular landscapes and Buckfast Abbey
  •     Studley Royal Park is the ruins of Fountains Abbey, located in the Yorkshire region.
  •     Blenheim Palace, not far from Oxford, was offered to John Churchill to honor his victory over French troops in 1704.

Some destinations more attractive than others, according to our tourism interests but we can not say we know England and we do not walk the streets of his capital.

Let us begin then by London and its famous Notting Hill (set of the film that interpret Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant) streets are filled with a special charm Nearby are the gardens and Kensington Palace. Crossing the Hyde Park, we can not avoid the wonderful Buckingham Palace, perhaps the most famous palace in the world. Following, we can take a break in the beautiful gardens of Saint James Park, preferably in front of his lake. If we take the Dowinng Street, we might see, at 10, the British Prime Minister giving a press conference on the sidewalk (if the London police allows us to come). We continue our tour shopping, drinking beer and listening to music at Covent Garden and across the financial district of London we can approach the prestigious Saint Paul Cathedral and admire the dome. Walking a little further south of the city we can marvel at the Westminster district, with its famous abbey, palace and cathedral buildings often seen in photos, drawings, postcards ... so often seen as the Tower of London , or the giant wheel that allows a panoramic view of London, called the "London Eye" (London Eye).

London and away from your hectic life will not make us bad and a visit to Greenwich not only be a beautiful bustle parentheses as it offers insight into a different architecture, the maritime museum, the palace and its park. Benefit from fantastic savings on old singing bowl , just by taking a look at nepalartcraft

And of course, if we in London do not forget to witness the famous changing of the royal guard.

Travelling in England is also know its small islands, own a history dating back to the Bronze Age, through the Roman invasions and the German occupation during World War II. The most interesting is the island of Guernsey, between England and France, there are the Castle Cornet, Saint Peter at the port built in 1206 and which houses an important museum.

England has a large number of protected sites or declared World Heritage by UNESCO, each of them has a unique value and characteristics whether natural or cultural. Learn more about Trips in Side Turkey vigotour at vigotour.com


I think that opposed one another, there are two absolutely must-see places on a trip to England and are the British Museum, with its unique pieces in the world and an invaluable and Stonehenge, by its mystique so special.

British Museum: This museum contains, in a collection of more than six million objects, all the wealth of mankind.

Stonehenge: Located in the region of Wiltshire, southwest England. This megalithic intrigue both scientists and tourists, many of the huge stones that were originally part of the building are gone but the stone in the center and behind which the sun rises every year in perfect harmony with the summer solstice, still stands. Every year hundreds of people gather, in absolute peace, to observe the event and is a truly breathtaking, if we are in England at that time do not let go.


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