UK mapNo need to go far to find a different country, however, it is part of Europe, we need only cross the Channel and we will be immersed in a culture that is far from the Mediterranean or Central Europe or Scandinavia. England seems all them but it different.

It is well known that their tourism does not include a spectacular tan or a dry spell of those but England is without a doubt, a mysterious and captivating for a relaxing holiday in a rural setting or a romantic getaway or a trip to through the world without leaving London for its spectacular museums.
Not to mention if ours is a mystical journey to encounter the mystery of Stonehenge! or go with nostalgia centers of the most iconic landmarks of the cities for lovers of rock: Liverpool ... or just visit the real "pubs" that so many countries copied.

England can be anything but a boring destination!

Travel to Britain has become easier in recent years thanks to low cost flights and the already famous? Channel Tunnel?. If we get to England we have for our trip with all the options: air, land and sea.
England has air-traffic to and from their major cities across Europe, and the rest of the world.

London has four airports and many international flights arrive directly to Manchester and Bristol, among other cities.

Charter flights and Low coast, very cheap if booked well in advance or we adjust to their availability, arrive in London and Edinburgh. England has an excellent public transport, taxis, metro, in some cities, and of course, rent a car at the airport to the center of cities.

To travel by boat have two options, take a cruise on one of the Spanish ports of Bilbao and Santander and gently travel up the coast of England or cross the Channel by ferry or hydrofoil (Hovercraft). There are many ports of departure and destination, some of them are:
Plymouth-Roscoff, Caen-Portsmouth Cherbourg-Poole or taking about six hours, or Calais-Dover with a crossing takes less than two hours and the hovercraft, much more expensive, running from Boulogne and Calais but that only takes 45 minutes.

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, the Channel crossing was never easier, the high speed train "Eurostar" coming from Paris, Lille or Brussels takes less than three hours to get to England, the way in the tunnel is about 20 minutes.

Another train service carries vehicles, caravans and motorcycles, and comes out of Calais to Folkestone in 35 minutes.
If we decide to go by bus or car, we must consider that travel in our own car allows us the freedom to go, come and go at will but, highways and parking of England are very expensive and we must take this into account when considering our budget.

The bus ride is cheap and the service is provided from many cities, or we can make transfers, a good tip is to compare the costs of traveling for many hours by bus and plane ticket, because there is very convenient if booked with advance.

Staying in England is not easy for a modest budget, the overall supply of hotels is very complete but in big cities find cheap hotels is an arduous task. If for some prices are exorbitant hotels that we can not cancel the trip. Bed and Breakfasts are cheaper and the atmosphere is festive. The apartments for rent or exchange (exchange houses for the holiday period) is usually a beneficial alternative for large families or groups of friends as it allows the development of our own meals. Youth hostels are an option, but unlike other places, those in England tend to lack of cleanliness, membership is not mandatory and have no age limit for admission (advance booking essential, many close their doors during the summer .) During the summer many universities open their doors to provide shelter, the prices are very reasonable and the rooms are very comfortable.

As with all large cities, the best advice is to stay in the suburbs, public transport in England are excellent and there are bills which serve both for the bus to the subway.
In summer, camping in England offer of accommodation for caravans either have bungalows or "mobile home" for rent, your problem is not well cataloged and are in very rough or remote areas of the tour.

The holiday cottages are guaranteed in England, the supply of accommodation is vast, from rooms in private homes to shelter from the XVII and XVIII (ghosts or goblins are not always guaranteed!) Also many communes in southern England have enabled their fog as a hostel for tourists.


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