What to do in Manchester

Manchester Museum of Science and IndustryJohn Rylands University Library: Open Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 17.30hy Saturday from 10 to 13.
Belonging to the university of Manchester, this library was built in 1890 in memory of John Rylands, a leading textile businessman who bequeathed at his death, the money to build it. Opened in 1900 this library contains manuscripts and incunabula works invaluable. Among other wonders jealously guards a copy of the Gutenberg Bible dating from 1455. Many books are prior to 1500. Ranks third in importance among the libraries in the UK and has an undisputed international recognition. Besides the quality of their work, this library is installed in a building with neo-Gothic style.

Town Hall (Town Hall) Open Tuesday to Friday 10 to 5:15 p.m.. This building built in 1877 is another example of Gothic architecture neo Manchester City and is known as "The Pride of Manchester", one of the most important buildings of the Victorian era in England. The Town Hall is built in a triangular space and entrance is on Albert Square, the tower of 87 meters silently watches the city and its façade shows the skill of the craftsmen who carved in stone the most important story of the city. The floor mosaics evoke the bees are the symbol of the burgeoning industry of Manchester. Frescoes on the ceiling tell the story of the region since the Roman occupation until the Industrial Revolution. Two spiral staircases designed imposing lead to the great room.
Museum of Science and Industry: This interactive museum tells the history of science and industry of the city, recognized as the world's first industrial city. Lower sector Byron Street is dedicated to the textile and printing in all its stages. We'll see how the different technologies and industrial development influenced our daily lives. The gas, electricity, computers ... all technical and scientific developments are represented in educational and interactive way. The field of air and space tells the story of aviation. It is a museum to learn and have fun, unique experience for adults and children.

Manchester Art Gallery (Manchester Art Gallery): Owner of a remarkable heritage and a gallery devoted to contemporary art.

The Lowry: Cultural complex dedicated to modern art, primarily the media arts.

Imperial War Museum North: Open daily from 10 to 18h. Free admission. Perhaps the most shocking, tells the two world wars and all others, including today. The exhibition covers not only the military aspect but also the social and human. In a modern building with a conception of art, the complex is divided into three sectors, symbolizing the battlefield that took place during World War II, from a globe divided into three parts: air, land and sea.
In the industry "sea" is a cafe and restaurant sector "air" is located an observatory on the city of Manchester and the sector "Land" is exposure.
This exhibition addresses topics such as the role assumed by women during the war, the role of media and information services and advertising, the industry's effort? This museum is based on innovative visual techniques that leave an indelible memory of the visit.
The exhibits are striking as tanks or aircraft of the First World War and the trip raises awareness of the causes of armed conflicts and its terrible consequences. A number of different objects in general personal soldiers, gives us an idea of what life was like in the trenches. Another sector tells, supported by a number of eclectic objects, the battles of World War II, life in the front and the reality of the concentration camps. Also displayed the "cold war" and the world of espionage and covert operations.

Bridgesater Hall: Home of the Halle Orchestra, this scenario enviable performed over 250 concerts a year, unfortunately its capacity does not exceed 2500 people and demand is surpassed many times. Your program not only aims to develop classical music also brings together modern artists. If not attended a show we can also meet and eat at his restaurant "Charles Halle" or have a drink in the "Stalls Cofee Bar".

Most places in Manchester, as in most of England, can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 17h for free.


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