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If we have at least a week, we can see much more than the museums of London and the charms of the islands, also, we plan a tour without attempting to cover everything and the spirit of what we can not


Edinburgh, Glasgow ... classical, industrial. Capital of popular culture and design, is beautiful city is becoming more cosmopolitan and has chosen to keep pace with the times: global and modern, whil

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London viewThe city of London is the capital of England and also of the United Kingdom. It is located on the banks of the River Thames east of the island of Great Britain. Its foundation starts in AD 43 by the Roman Empire, whose original name was to Londinium. Currently has 7.5 million inhabitants, is the largest city in the European Union and representative center of cultural diversity in the world. London is in the GMT time zone, so the official time is GMT or, in the summer season are GMT +1.

In London, are spoken over 300 languages, since 50% of its population is of English origins, but belong to ethnic minorities.

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Manchester city centerManchester is a truly dynamic city that will astonish the tourist accustomed to perceive it as a city to live and work.

The artistic and cultural events have a place in Manchester, in buildings that are an artistic example, as electronic music and encourage new musicians who are part and parcel of the identity of this city, and its two universities and its the local football team? Manchester United?

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Birmingham viewBirmingham, after London and Manchester, is the third largest city of England and has this status from 1889, granted by Queen Victoria. Is commonly known as "Brum" by its former name "Brummagen" and its inhabitants as "Brummies".
This beautiful city is located in the West Midlands region, 170 kilometers northwest of London, is bisected by the River Rea and rises to 200 above the sea level. Birmingham is surrounded by hills, the Lickey Hills, Clent Hills and Walton Hill which offer beautiful scenery and places to go and learn.




Edinburgh city centerFor many tourists Edinburgh is just a transit to the region of highlands known as "Highlands". But Edinburgh can be a perfect destination for a weekend getaway or, if you are going to the highlands-linger and know a little more because this city, part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage for its wonderful medieval and Georgian neighborhoods well worth to visit. Edinburgh is the second largest city in Scotland after Glasgow. Its origins are remote and was already inhabited in the arrival of the Romans. In 1124 the city expanded outside its walls and gives birth to what is now known as New Town and Old Town, the two districts recognized by UNESCO. Check out this page for a dependable reviewer that will help you find the luxury resort you're looking for quickly and easily.




Liverpool city centreCity famous worldwide for its music and for being the birthplace of the quartet that revolutionized the world (not just the music!) Liverpool symbolizes a whole era of the twentieth century. Also known city all through his football and his fanatical followers.

Liverpool is less known to possess a cultural heritage that bear witness splendid museums, monuments, art galleries?

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Liverpool was founded in 1207, because of its location, was crucial to supply the ships that sailed for Ireland but sustained growth starts from the eighteenth century through trade with the New World. Among other staples, was in the port of Liverpool, who embarked definitely toward North America and the Caribbean, slaves from Africa.




Glasgow viewEdinburgh, Glasgow ... classical, industrial. Capital of popular culture and design, is beautiful city is becoming more cosmopolitan and has chosen to keep pace with the times: global and modern, while retaining its quality of "excellence" and its authentic roots.
In the foreground and roasted red stone of Victorian buildings, glass and steel of the post-industrial and "star" construction "Art Nouveau" of one of its prodigal sons, the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who early last century and together with other colleagues created the Glasgow style, a style of design and modern architecture and recognized worldwide.




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