Birmingham viewBirmingham, after London and Manchester, is the third largest city of England and has this status from 1889, granted by Queen Victoria. Is commonly known as "Brum" by its former name "Brummagen" and its inhabitants as "Brummies".
This beautiful city is located in the West Midlands region, 170 kilometers northwest of London, is bisected by the River Rea and rises to 200 above the sea level. Birmingham is surrounded by hills, the Lickey Hills, Clent Hills and Walton Hill which offer beautiful scenery and places to go and learn.

The land occupied by Birmingham was an ancient forest, the Forest Arden, and even today one can see in the streets several times centenary trees.
The history of the region begins over 2000 years ago with small agricultural settlements dominated by the Roman legions which built a strong and numerous roads. The Anglo-Saxons settled and the population grew thanks to trade despite successive invasions suffered during the Middle Ages. The discovery and exploitation of iron ore and coal gave the powerful impetus which made the city and region were known, after the Industrial Revolution as the "world factory".
Already in the seventeenth century, before the Industrial Revolution, the city was famous for the manufacture of firearms, but its production of goods in the nineteenth century was so important that all England Birmingham joined by canals and railways .
The strength of its industry was also his martyrdom since the Second World War, Birmingham was the most bombed city in the British Isles, though its most emblematic places as the University, the Cathedral and the Soho House were preserved intact. Rebuilding was quick and practical and was not "aesthetic" but in recent years thanks to tourism and the buildings have become a way of turning rescue to the industrial city into a cosmopolitan city where walking is good and stop with the camera in hand. Birmingham has been chosen as one of 20 cities in the world more pleasant to live, despite having been the cradle of the "Punk" and music "Heavy Metal".

We can come directly to Birmingham as the region has an international airport which is one of the largest in the United Kingdom, has flights arriving and departing for all corners of the world and is just 12 km from the city center, to which lead us buses, trains or taxis, both to the city of Birmingham as the cities of London and Glasgow. Also at the airport offers the service of car hire. As in most European airports many companies low cost flights also operate here. If our flight is from the mainland must consider the time change (- 1 hour) and an approximate flight time of 2 hours depending on our airport of departure (Paris-Birmingham 1h20 ').
But we can also travel to England by air to other airports in the islands, by land or by sea and land from where we play travel to this vibrant city.
If traveling by car from the mainland either by ferry across the sea, Cruise or the Eurotunnel, arriving at Birmingham can be a process rather than a cultural landscapes and villages are beautiful and certainly very different from what we know.
To travel by boat have two options, take a cruise on one of the Spanish ports of Bilbao and Santander and gently travel up the coast of England or cross the Channel by ferry or hydrofoil (Hovercraft). There are many ports of departure and destination, some of them are:
Plymouth-Roscoff, Caen-Portsmouth Cherbourg-Poole or taking about six hours, or Calais-Dover with a journey that takes less than two hours or hovercraft, much more expensive, running from Boulogne and Calais but that only takes 45 minutes. Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, crossing the English Channel was never easier, the high speed train "Eurostar" coming from Paris, Lille or Brussels takes less than three hours to get to England, the way in the tunnel is about 20 minutes.
Another train service carries vehicles, caravans and motorcycles, and comes out of Calais to Folkestone in 35 minutes, if you are looking for pick-your-own farm or kids activities in canada, please go to ontario farms directory .
If we decide to go by bus or car, we must consider that travel in our own car allows us the freedom to go, come and go at will but, highways and parking of England are very expensive and we must take this into account when considering our budget.
The bus ride is cheap and the service is provided from many cities, or we can make transfers, a good tip is to compare the costs of traveling for many hours by bus and plane ticket cost, since there is very convenient if booked in advance.

The network of highways and roads is excellent. The M5 connects Birmingham with Gloucester, Bristol and Exeter join the A45 Birmingham to Thrapston, Great Yarmouth with the A47 and the M40 links Birmingham with London, which is located only 169 km
We can also get to Birmingham by train from London or from any other city in the British Isles. Already in the city is not difficult to navigate even if you do not speak English, trams, buses or the subway to take us everywhere, our only concern should be the coins because drivers do not give back so we must make the payment accurate.
Birmingham offers a wide range of accommodation and reasonable prices in relation to other major cities in the British Isles. According to our preferences, our travel style or budget we can stay in our guest houses to 5 star hotels modest and higher in the city center. Between the two options are hotels of all categories, youth hostels, apartments, Bed & Breakfasts, inns, castles and spas.
The public transport is so good that no matter where we stay we visit the city without spending much time on the routes and some suburban towns are as charming as many nearby villages. The only problem of accommodation is that we must make reservations in advance because the city is made in many events that can bridge the hotel capacity. Due to moisture, while there is supply, camping is an option only for fans.

Welcome to Birmingham, a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, so lively day and night.
Birmingham with its fascinating history and intense, a unique culture known worldwide, a wonderful place to shop and an excellent range of events and exhibitions radiates an energy that is contagious.
The attractions and infrastructure that this city offers tourists are excellent: the docks, canals, squares and pedestrian streets are worthy of our journey as much as its monuments, buildings or museums.
Leisurely tour the city for its canals, reach the height of the hills to worship the panoramic view, enjoy the night on Broad Street and Hurst Street, shopping in the Bull Ring Centre, hobnob with the spirit of Conan Doyle, Samuel Johnson or JRR Tolkien in Birmingham Central Library ...
Its surroundings are also gorgeous, with its picturesque villages and countryside evergreen.
They say that Birmingham is the gateway to the heart of England.


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