Glasgow viewEdinburgh, Glasgow ... classical, industrial. Capital of popular culture and design, is beautiful city is becoming more cosmopolitan and has chosen to keep pace with the times: global and modern, while retaining its quality of "excellence" and its authentic roots.
In the foreground and roasted red stone of Victorian buildings, glass and steel of the post-industrial and "star" construction "Art Nouveau" of one of its prodigal sons, the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who early last century and together with other colleagues created the Glasgow style, a style of design and modern architecture and recognized worldwide.

Glasgow is within Scotland, on the banks of the River Clyde, which helped since the first settlers arrived to the development of trade and favored the abundant fishing, but during the Industrial Revolution contributed to the establishment of major shipyards, the construction of liners used to be fundamental to the city, here was born the famous Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth among others. Traveling to Glasgow, or other places around Scotland, searching for the right offers on tickets, lodging, or food can take up a lot of time. To ensure that you're doing the correct research prior making any moves on anything, visit Sutlr to save money and time. Find products and other item offers for your trip. Save the hassle and stress less, why not make your Glasgow trip a lot more enjoyable. Are you looking for "Costumes"? Check out funwirks The passionate experts in this field are ready to answer all of your requests.

The Romans could do little against the tribes who occupied the region and to separate them from Roman Britain built the Wall Antonio whose traces can still be seen near Glasgow.
The region is inhabited since ancient times but the city we know today was built from the sixth century, the story says that a Christian missionary, Ketingern or Mungo, founded a church where now stands the Cathedral and from there was being developed the same but, this mission became the patron saint of the city and is also venerated in Scotland, after St.Andrew, as "St. Mungo" by miracles. Have you ever dreamed of visiting Africa? Then make your dreams come true with africansermonsafaris they offer some African safari tours you can choose from.

The weather in Glasgow is not the best but in summer it rains much less hot and latitude, daylight at this time of year is very long which encourages walking.

It has never been easier to travel to Glasgow, an international airport the "Glasgow International Airport" is located 13 km from the city center and a very efficient bus service leaves us in the bus terminal, there are also taxis and car rental at the airport.
Prestwick Airport is a little further, to 48 km from the city but receives a majority of low-cost flights from major European cities, this airport has a direct train service to the city center of Glasgow from Terminal itself and the journey takes about 50 minutes, there are also bus services, minibuses and taxis. At this airport you can also rent a car if our intention is to travel around the city. Airport transfers

If you prefer to travel by train this city is well connected with London, Edinburgh and other major UK cities. The city has two train stations, Glasgow Central Station in Argyle Street Glasgow maintains links with major cities in the UK and the Queen Street Station in Queen Street that makes the links with the rest of Scotland.
One option is to reach the port of Leith, Edinburgh, via ferry from Belgium, even carrying our own car.
Glasgow and Edinburgh are only separated by 75 km very easy to navigate so wonderful landscape. In case you're interested in knowing more info on trouver mon hotel, stop by

Glasgow offers a full range of hotels of all classes, spa hotels, boutique hotels, renovated old houses, but their prices are really expensive compared to hotels in the same category and services from the mainland or other tourist destinations in the world.
As in most large cities in the UK, it is not easy to find a budget hotel and much less in high season, we should pay attention to the Prices are generally per person, taxes not included, newpokies made a real revolution in the industry.

If our budget is reasonable we must be guided towards pensions, hostels, Bed & Breakfast or rooms in private homes. Several tourist offices strategically located in the city (railway station, opposite the Town Hall, etc..) Provide counseling service and reservation of accommodation.
Around the city or its surroundings is easy either on foot, by subway or taxi (the bike in this city is not very hyped) and the trains depart in all directions.

To introduce one of the most important aspects of this city say that Lighthouse is the center of architecture and design of the city. Housed in the old workshops of famous newspaper The Herald. After getting a significant number of steps of a spiral staircase that leads to the top of the tower we can get a magnificent panoramic view of the city.
Then nothing like sitting in the Willow Tearoom, to savor a delicious cup of tea in a place that is a perfect example of the line interior design school created by Mackintosh valet parking in Birmingham.
A little off center in the neighborhood Kelvingrove Park is the Mackintosh House, a faithful reproduction of the home of the designer, at number 6 Florentine Terrace (admission free on Wednesdays after 14pm, but be paid £ 3.00). It is so pleasant to work with experts.
His example continues to be a beacon for many young people in Glasgow engaged and are encouraged by the government in the art of design at the Glasgow School of Art The trend is to create furniture, utensils, furniture, etc.. new and recycled materials and suitable for recycling (exhibitions, visits, catalog sales at 167 Renfrew Street).
 The city of Glasgow is vibrant and dynamic, a full schedule of events has earned him the title in more than one occasion of "European capital of culture."
The Gallery of Modern Art, is the contemporary art gallery after the most visited in London, always presents new and exciting exhibitions (If you visit this gallery find a curiosity that divides the people of Glasgow. In a night out, a young , presumably something drunk, went to the statue of the Duke of Wellington and placed on his head a traffic cone. The spontaneous hat is still there!).
Glasgow also has an art room the Glasgow Art Fair, where for three days in the halls of George Square are artists from all over Europe.
Culture also manifests itself with the music and organizes every year the Glasgow Celtic Connections Festival, the festival of Celtic music world's largest and the Glasgow International Jazz Festival, as well as many summer concerts or Hogmanay celebrations at year end. This fever of expression not only live in the city center, many shows are organized in different neighborhoods and around Glasgow, and international competitions pipe bands taking place at Glasgow Green, or the traditional Lanimer Day in Lanark and The Shot in Paisley, all shows colorful, cheerful and lively where visitors are always welcome. There are also clubs or meeting places to enjoy modern music in many parts of the trendy riverside Clayde.


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