How I made the 3-Day London Itinerary tourismus

Here's a behind the scenes look at how I created the three day London itinerary you might be able to get some tips if you're creating your own itinerary or just get a good look behind the scenes. okay so first I made a couple of lists one of the lists was filled with the attractions and things that people usually like to hit up when they come to visit London, so they included like the usuals like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, stuff like that. The other list was the list of the things that I like to recommend that are more on the local hidden gem side so I kind of did like a major brain dump of the things I think are really cool for people who are visiting London to check out but maybe that you don't know about . Then I took to my London digital map, now some of you know that I have essentially this massive map that I've made for myself that is like my holy grail of all things London, it's where any recommendations that I want to try out for myself sits it's where anything that I've come across that I really like that I'd want to recommend to you guys that's where it is it also is attached my phone so I can pull it out whenever I'm around London and if I'm looking for someplace to eat or something I can find whatever's around me and try something new or just go someplace that I know that I love I first created this map a couple of years ago, and this is where I've gotten the idea for the digital map that's included in The Local Guide to London as well as the three day itinerary so we'll talk about that in a little bit anyway so I opened up the London map and essentially spent quite a few hours trying to piece together everything that was on the two lists, now I didn't want to put everything into this obviously but I had to figure out a way to put a lot of the most popular things in along with my local recommendations into a cohesive three day plan all in close enough areas that they're walking distance so you guys don't have to worry about public transportation. It was a lot of working pieces that had to come together but then when it did I was pretty happy with it and I had like a really good starting outline for what I think would be a great 72 hour itinerary.

Cool Local Markets to Visit in London tourismus

Everybody knows about Borough Market but there's a lot of lesser known markets here in London that will give you not only a full stomach and maybe some souvenirs but just make you feel like you're a proper local londoner. Brixton Market covers a few nearby areas including Market row and Brixton Village, as well as Electric Avenue, Pokes Road and more. And a lot of these areas are all covered so you can enjoy them any time of the year. You'll find stalls and shops here any day of the week with about 80 traders on most of the time and you can find a huge variety of food options as well as a pretty interesting mix of different products for sale.

Manchester Travel Guide tourismus

If you are ever in Manchester, England, consider yourself lucky. Though mainly known for its famous football clubs, the world’s first industrialized city is home to a number of iconic buildings, great museums, and amazing restaurants. It also has a great public transit system and a walkable downtown core, even for kids, making it a great place to visit for the whole family. Here are some of the best discoveries we made in Manchester Harry Potter fans take note, as many visitors equate a walk through the majestic John Rylands Library with a trip to Hogwarts.

10 Important Things to Know About London Heathrow Airport tourismus

If you're flying in or out of Heathrow these are some things to know so that you have a nice smooth visit. There are four terminals at Heathrow Airport, and they are number two through five. There is no terminal one anymore, and you need to know if you are departing from Heathrow which terminal you're going to be departing from because you're going to do everything from checking in to going through security to Boarding at your gate to get on your flight in this one terminal your airline should usually tell you which terminal you're flying out of. But if you can't figure it out Or if you're flying into Heathrow and want to know what terminal you're going to be in you can go on Heathrow's website and they have a which terminal tool that you can use figure it out as a rule of thumb plan to get to Heathrow at least three hours early for an intercontinental flight and at least two hours early for a European flight now I have to caveat and say that I don't always follow this Because the security at Heathrow is really really efficient.

10 Important Things to Know Before Visiting Italy tourismus

Before you head to Italy, these are ten important things that you should know Italian food is so much more than just pizza and pasta so if you plan on only eating those types of dishes when you go to Italy, you're going to miss out. Each region of Italy has its own typical dishes they vary from steak to soup to seafood. For example when you're visiting Florence, where I lived, you have to try the bisteca of Fiorentina, which is Florentin steak, and Lombardy, where Milan is, they love Polenta and Ossobuco. So if you're visiting there you have to try those dishes.

How to Beat Jet Lag tourismus

I've got Christi from Backpacking Bananas with me here today, and we are going to talk about how to beat jet lag when you're traveling internationally. Kick its butt, Jetlag. We've got another video over on Christi's Channel that is about how to survive these long haul flights, so I'll give you guys the link to that in a little bit. So you can start to combat jet lag before you even get on the plane.

How to Deal With Weather While Visiting London tourismus

Scroll through the comments of all my london videos and you'll see one very common theme there: "I'm visiting London in blah blah blah month, what's the weather gonna be like?" Well if I could tell you that I would not be making YouTube videos! However I can help you get a general idea of what the weather will be like for your trip to London so that you can start to plan ahead. So very generally speaking London has a quite mild climate: the winters aren't terribly cold and the summers aren't terribly hot, like in most places we also get un seasonally warm or un seasonally cold days, so that's always fun! So let's break it down by season, so if you're visiting in the winter season which I would say generally is about November to March ish you can expect temperatures to be cold enough to need a good jacket and probably some gloves and a scarf. The days are also very short in the winter so keep that in mind when you're planning your activities if it's a cloudy day it could be pretty dark by 4 o'clock but I hope that doesn't sound too depressing, I've come from New York and compared to New York I think the winters are pretty ok here. We very rarely even get snow.

 London Travel Guide tourismus

In this video, we’ll share important information about what you need to know before traveling to London like best time to visit, how to use public transportation, best apps to use in London, and many other practical information. We also made a separate video on Top 10 things to do in London, the link is in the description. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel and enable notifications. And share your London tips or ask a question in the comments below.

Tips for traveling to London

Buy the Oyster Card for the metropolitan transport of London: it is a pre-paid card that is used for the metro, buses and railways of the city on the best rate.

Book the hotel well in advance: the hotels in London are generally old, bad and expensive. The longer you wait to book, the more likely it is that a badly located or inconvenient hotel will touch you.

Visit the Borough Market on Thursday or Friday. On Saturdays it becomes really unbearable..

Match the trip with the first Thursday of the month: it's Firts Thursday, the night the galleries open exhibitions and open their doors to the public for free.

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