Things to Do in London During Christmas tourismus

I love Christmastime in London and here are the best things to do during the festive season. London has tons of christmas markets all around during december so they're definitely a must visit. At christmas markets you can always find vendors selling food, drinks, gifts, London y things. My favorite is probably the south bank winter festival because it's right along the river and if you walk down far enough you'll see Big Ben and the London Eye lit up along with the Christmas lights I will link a bunch of great markets down in the description box below as long as everything else talked about in this video so you can go visit it for yourself.

Winter wonderland is probably the most famous Christmasy thing that London has it's a big section of Hyde Park that's been transformed into a wintery Christmasy themed Park of sorts again it has all of those Christmas market y things but there's also rides and ice rink and sometimes livemusic. My only recommendation is to not go on the weekends because it gets absolutely crazy you might have to wait on line to get in even though it's free to go. Oh the Christmas lights in London! London throws those Christmas lights in your face like the city just does them absolutely beautifully so my favourites are along Oxford Street and Regent Street there's some great ones along Carnaby Street Covent Garden has a Christmas tree and lights everywhere Trafalgar Square honestly everywhere. If you want to see the light show of all light shows get tickets to Christmas at Kew Gardens.

I did this last weekend and it's absolutely beautiful Kew Gardens put on this incredible light show exhibition that you walk through.

While you're in London during the festive season you should definitely book yourself in to go ice skating there are a few places around London that have ice rinks where you can rent skates and skate around for an hour the Natural History Museum, Somerset House has one but I'll link up a few options down below. If you want to go on a weekend or in the evening you'll probably need to book in advance so make sure you do that there are lots of places you can do your Christmas shopping in London whether that be for Christmasy things or just for the gifts you have to get that are on your list. For Christmasy things like I said the Christmas markets are great for those or you can go to one of the department stores Christmas shops Harrods has one, so does Liberty and Selfridges... if you want the epitome of Christmas inside these Christmas shops are it those are great places to get a London Christmasy ornament. And finally if you just want to get like clothes and things like that just go to one of the most popular shopping places in London I have a blog post about those linked up down in the description And I've you've been watching my Instagram stories over the last couple weeks you'll see that I've been doing lots of this that's getting festive drinks and food.

Lots of hotels bars and restaurants we'll have a winter menu from which you can order Christmassy cocktails and wintery warmer food for example you could go to the Montague hotel's Lodge where there's a bar and they serve all of these yummy wintery food items they're also tons of hotels that put on wintery or Christmasy afternoon tea I've recently tried a vegan friendly afternoon winter tea at La Suite West's Raw restaurant and as a non vegan I thought it was beautifully done and very tasty it's also reasonably priced for a winter tea. You can also try the Conrad st. james's winter tea that they do every year and I'll link up a few more down the description. In my winter in London video I recommend a few different wintery rooftop bars that you can visit so if you click up here you'll be able to watch that next.

Sitting on a rooftop in the winter sounds scary in London but actually lots of these rooftops do them really well they have heaters and lots of nice warm blankets so they can keep you extra warm and they're just decorated so beautifully. Other cool wintery escapes that I like the John Lewis rooftop which has food drinks and cool views across Oxford Street and there's loads so anything else I think of I'll leave down in the description box and let me know down in the comments which one of these you're most looking forward to doing while you're here during the festive season click on my face up here to subscribe to our channel for more London tips every Thursday and then watch this video next

Tips for traveling to London

Buy the Oyster Card for the metropolitan transport of London: it is a pre-paid card that is used for the metro, buses and railways of the city on the best rate.

Book the hotel well in advance: the hotels in London are generally old, bad and expensive. The longer you wait to book, the more likely it is that a badly located or inconvenient hotel will touch you.

Visit the Borough Market on Thursday or Friday. On Saturdays it becomes really unbearable..

Match the trip with the first Thursday of the month: it's Firts Thursday, the night the galleries open exhibitions and open their doors to the public for free.

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